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Voice Collaboration Solutions & Features voice Unified IP Telephony, SIP, Video Collaboration, Voice, 1300/1800 Products & Services

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Transform how your Business Communicates with its Customers. With features including: Any Device Find Me Follow me, Unified Messaging, Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Advanced Contact Centre functions & more.

SIP Voice Trucks

SIP Voice

Stop paying ISDN line costs. Save money by connecting to our Private or Internet SIP Voice solution. Connect your existing Phones & PBX, with guaranteed call quality and market leading call rates

1300/1800 Services

1300/1800 Services

Having a free or low-cost 1800/1300 number means your customers are more likely to pick up the phone and call your Company. Make it easy for your customers to contact you with a single national 1800/1300 number.

Unified Communications Solutions Solution Highlights

Feature 1


CorpClouds Unified Communications Platform forever changes the way Companies can operate and communicate with their staff and customers.

In the past, the telephone system was a per office, per handset, stand alone island, isolated from other offices and forms of communication. Making changes involved programming and maintaining individual office PBX and handsets, with staff tied to their desk in an office centric communications silo.

CorpClouds Unified Communications Platform will eliminate the silos and revolutionise your Organisations Communications.

The Office Communications Silo is GONE. All of your offices can:

  • Be part of a single unified Telephone network
  • Have extension dialling to all staff in all offices
  • See the presence status of all Personnel
  • Answer calls centrally and extension dial to different offices
  • Expand their Contact Centre to personnel across all locations
  • Manage the entire Communications Network Via the CloudSys Console
  • Get in-depth reporting on all inbound / outbound calls by enterprise, office or individual personnel

The Handset Communications Silo is GONE. All of your Personnel can:

  • Have a single number across multiple devices
  • Choose the device and location where you would like to work
  • Have customers and colleagues seamlessly contact you regardless of location or device
  • Search for a Colleagues availably with live Presence
  • Collaborate with Instant messaging and video calling
  • Be professional with an advanced voice mail platform including voice mail to email and fax to email
  • Manage the your profile, devices and availability Via the CloudSys Console
Feature 2

Solution Offering

Unified Communications Solution Pricing Components

CorpCloud UC Solution pricing is made up of the following four pricing components. These are charged on a monthly basis

UC State Interconnect
You require an interconnect in each state that you would like phones delivered. The interconnect cost is $25.00 Per State. Therefore if you have offices in one state the cost is $25.00, If you have offices in four states (NSW, QLD, VIC & WA) the cost would be $100.00.

Flat Rate Per User Cost
Each User is charged at a Flat Rate of $10.00 per Month. This gives you access to all features including SIP lines. Therefore if you have 10 users the monthly cost would be $100.00.

Number Block Ranges
You will require a Telephone number range for your enterprise. These are used for direct phone extensions or direct fax numbers. Most organisations select a 100 block range to allow for future growth. If you already have number ranges you can port these to CorpCloud.

Number Range Options Per Month

  • 10 Block Number Range $25.00
  • 50 Block Number Range $35.00
  • 100 Block Number Range $45.00

Call Rates or Call Bundle
Customers can select our standard rate sheet or you can choose a call bundle option. Call Bundles include Local, National, Mobile, 13/1300 & International Calls. These are great for reducing your costs or budgeting flat rate costs each month.

With the call bundles once your cap is reached you are simply charged our standard low cost call rates. A full call rate sheet is available in the downloadable resources on this page

Call Rate Bundles

  • First 500 Call Bundle $130.00 Per Month
  • First 1,000 Call Bundle $260.00 Per Month
  • First 2,500 Call Bundle $650.00 Per Month
  • First 5,000 Call Bundle $1,200.00 Per Month
    • All Quoted Costs Exclude GST
    • Call Bundles include Local, National, Mobile, 13/1300 & International Calls
    • Call Bundles Exclude calls to Premium rate services & Satellite phones.

For your protection by default we will call bar "at risk" international call destinations. We will also limit international calls by default 50 calls per month. These protection limits and restrictions can be lifted on request.

Corporate Call Rate Sheet

If you would prefer to pay for calls on a usage basis you can simply opt to use our Corporate rate card. A copy of our rates is available in the Resources section on this page

Ensuring Your Unified Communications Solution Is Delivered With A Guaranteed Quality Of Service

With any Unified Communications solution the quality of phone calls is key for all organisations. The quality of your voice calls must be the same as when using traditional PBX equipment.

CorpCloud delivers its Unified Communications Solution with a full voice quality guarantee. We can do this by offering a full end to end managed solution.

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Management & Quality Guarantee
  • CorpCloud will install a fully managed Router & Switch network in each of your offices. These are configured with Quality of Services (QOS) to ensure that your voice traffic always has priority on your local network. The voice traffic is also delivered on a separate vlan or virtual network. This level of control gives us visibility and control of the voice packets from your phone to where they enter the public telephone network.

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Management & Quality Guarantee
  • CorpCloud will provide and fully managed WAN network connecting your offices as well as a direct connection for outgoing Telephone calls.

    These high quality and guaranteed speed and throughput carrier connections allow us to extend your Quality of Services (QOS) and Vlan tagging over you wide Area VPN network. This ensures that we have full control and correctly prioritise your voice traffic across your entire network.

    CorpCloud will also provide and manage a direct connection to the Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN).

This level of management and control is why we can ensure Your Unified Communications Solution is delivered with a guaranteed quality of service. Unlike most providers we will not route you calls over the public internet.

Wide Selection of Telephone Handsets

CorpClouds Unified Communication Solution is compatible with a wide range of Cisco Telephone handsets. These include the following: Cisco SPA504, SPA525/2, SPA500D, 7940/1/2/5, 7960/1/2/5, 8941/5, 9951, 9971. CorpCloud can provide Telephone Handsets as part of our solution or we can use your existing compatible Telephone handsets.

Feature 3

Features & Benefits

Unified Communications Platform Features

CorpCloud has designed a full feature enterprise Unified Communications Platform. The Solution is scalable for all organisations from small business to large multisite Organisations with advanced communications requirements.

Unified Communications System Features

  • Supports up-to 1000 users
  • SIP carrier lines
  • Wide range of handsets supported
  • Low cost call rates or call bundles
  • Music on hold
  • Intercom & paging
  • Record all calls
  • Record on demand
  • Single caller ID for Company or user caller ID

Call Features

  • 3 to 6 digit extensions
  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Direct in dial number (DID)
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer immediate
  • Call transfer announced
  • Call parking
  • Call pick up
  • Call logs (missed, dialled, answered)
  • Do Not Disturb

Collaboration Features

  • Presence
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Multidevice ring
  • Multi device single number
  • Multi device multi number
  • Same caller ID and voicemail across all devices
  • Company phone directory
  • Mobile phone directory
  • Personal directory

Voice Mail Features

  • Voicemail box for all users
  • Voicemail to email
  • Broadcast voicemail groups

Reception Features

  • 64 Key Reception console

Contact Centre Features

  • Unified call centre across enterprise
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Automated attendant
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Call queueing strategies
  • Call fail over strategies
  • After hours call routing
  • Caller experience (Messages On Hold, Position in Queue)
  • Call recording
  • Coaching (monitor/whisper/barge)
  • Queue announcements
  • Queue logs, reports

Conferencing Features

  • 3 way conferencing via handset
  • Conference room with 10 parties
  • Chairperson sign in
  • Extension dial within the office
  • DID dial for external parties

Management & Reporting Features

  • Multiple administrators
  • Permission based administration
  • All adds, moves, changes, call routing and day to day management delivered via CloudSys Console
  • Full reporting adhoc and scheduled
  • User inbound out bound call reports
  • Contact centre, queue & personnel reports
Feature 4

SIP Voice Trucks Solutions Solution Highlights

Feature 1


CorpCloud provides an Enterprise Grade SIP Voice line solution, that connects to your legacy PBX or IP enabled PBX. This solution is designed to replace your current PSTN, ISDN 2 (BRI) or ISDN 10-30 (PRI) Channel services at a fraction of the cost.

Not only will our solution substantially reduce your current line rental costs, it will also reduce your call costs through our Australia wide flat call rates.

With SIP voice lines or trunking, your current PBX will seamlessly deliver calls over a dedicated private data link "Private SIP" or over the Internet "Internet SIP" instead of using expensive and out dated ISDN lines.

Feature 2

Solution Offering

CorpCloud provides two types of SIP Voice Solutions.

Private SIP Voice

Private SIP Voice delivered over a dedicated link from your PBX to our Voice Exchange. This allows us to offer a guaranteed voice quality with an Enterprise Service level, as we control the link and quality of service end to end.

Internet SIP Voice

Internet SIP Voice is delivered using your office internet connection to deliver the voice SIP traffic. This service is provided as a best effort quality of service solution as it is reliant on your current Internet provider and the utilisation of your internet connection.

Please Note: If CorpCloud also provide your Corporate Internet we can provide a Private SIP service across the same link and dedicate bandwidth for your SIP voice traffic.

Feature 3

Features & Benefits


  • Flexible Customer Connect Options
  • Integrates with IP PBX (Ethernet)
  • Integrates with Legacy PBX (ISDN 2 [PBI] or ISDN 10-30 [PRI])
  • Direct In-dial 100 Block Ranges
  • Port Your Current Number Ranges (single Number or 100 Block range)
  • Can Allocate Interstate / Regional numbers
  • Scalable solution, add lines quickly and easily

Cost Benefits

  • Reduce your line rental costs
  • Low Monthly SIP line Cost
  • Low Call Costs
  • Free inter-branch calls to other connected offices (If Multiple offices connected to SIP Voice)

Additional Private SIP Features

  • Guaranteed Voice Quality (If Dedicated Link Selected or CorpCloud Provide your internet solution)
  • Managed end to end Solution with QOS
  • Direct Data Link (Not Internet Based)

Value Added Additional Service Options

  • Incoming Fax To Email (Direct Fax Number)
  • Faxes are delivered directly to your personal or group inbox
  • Individual Staff or Departments can have a direct fax number
  • Cloud Voice Conference Service (Up to 10 Callers in a Conference Call)
    • Secure PIN log in
    • Have up to 10 parties connected on the one call
    • Dial in via direct indial number or via 1800/1300 number
Feature 4

1300/1800 Services Solutions Solution Highlights

Feature 1


What are 1800 / 1300 Numbers

1800 / 1300 number's are geographically independent 9 digit numbers. These numbers have one or more "answering points". An answering point is a standard telephone number where the calls to the 1800/1300 are directed.

The benefit to a Business is they can advertise a single number nationally but direct the calls from their Customers to one office or a number of offices throughout the country.

The benefit to your customer, is they only need to dial a single number, no matter where they are located to contact your Business. The other benefit is they either get a free call if its a 1800 number or with 1300 numbers generally pay 25c per call depending on their providers rates.

1300/1800 numbers are essential for any Company with multiple offices or who have customers out of the geographical area of their office.

Being geographically independent, once your have a 1800/1300 number you will never again need to change your promotional material, even if you move premises. You can also Port your existing 1800/1300 numbers to CorpCloud.

Feature 2

Solution Offering

1800 Service Numbers

  • 1800 numbers in Australia are “Free Call” numbers.
  • With 1800 numbers call costs are paid for by the business who has the number
  • Calls made from any fixed landline anywhere in Australia are free for your Customer.
  • If you have an existing 1800 Number you can Port this number to CorpCloud
  • The costs of operating a 1800 number are:
    • You pay a line rental charge. This may include calls dependant on the call plan you choose
    • You pay for all incomming calls to your 1800 number. The call charges will depend on the type of service or area people are calling from (eg. mobile or landline, local or regional).

1300 Service Numbers

  • 1300 numbers in Australia are “Flat Rate or Local Call” numbers.
  • With 1300 numbers call costs are paid for by the business who has the number and the caller pays a flat rate typically 25c for the call
  • Calls made by your Customer from any fixed landline, anywhere in Australia are typically charged at a flat rate of 25c per call.
  • If you have an existing 1300 Number you can Port this number to CorpCloud
  • The costs of operating a 1300 number are:
    • You pay a line rental charge. This may include calls dependant on the call plan you choose
    • You pay for all incomming calls to your 1300 number. The call charges will depend on the type of service or area people are calling from (eg. mobile or landline, local or regional).
Feature 3

Features & Benefits

1800/1300 Customised Call Routing Features

There are many call routing options available with 1800/1300 numbers. These can be used by your business to create the best Customer experience.

  • Australia Wide Routing
  • Calls from all locations throughout Australia are sent to a single number or answering point. This setting is used where you only have a single location or group of staff who will answer all of these calls.This option is included with all 1800/1300 plans.

  • State Based Routing
  • This feature is used if you have offices in a number of States in Australia and you want to direct calls originating from those State to the local State office For example calls originating from an 03 area code would be directed to the local Victorian Office. This option is included with all 1800/1300 plans.

  • Time Dependent Routing
  • This feature allows you to route calls to different offices depending on the time of day. For example you may want to use the time zones or the public holidays if different States to exend your operational hours, or you may want to route calls to an on call mobile after hours.This option is included with all 1800/1300 plans.

  • Call Overflow
  • Calls can be re-routed to a secondary answering point if the call is unanswered or the line is busy.This option is included with all 1800/1300 plans.

  • Call Barring
  • This feature allows you to block certain call types. For example you may want to block calls originating from mobile phones, or just allow calls from only capital cities or certain areas.This option is included with all 1800/1300 plans.

  • Custom IVR Routing
  • This feature allows your calls to be answered with a professional recording and then ask callers to press 1,2,3 for difference departments or offices. Based on what your customers dial the call will them be routed to that location. For example you may want your customer to press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support and 3 for Accounts.This option call be added to any 1800/1300 plan for $35 per month Excl GST.

Solution Benefits

  • Single number to market Australia wide
  • Create a professional Australia wide presence
  • Move office location with out changing number
  • Reduce missed calls.
  • Use the Call routing features to direct calls to available staff either by office, state of time of day.
  • Advanced inbound call reporting to track campaigns.
Feature 4

Resources Unified Communications downloads

UC Corporate Call Rate Sheet