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Timelines 5 New Timeline Options

Timeline 3: .timeline-right

The Start
Feb 2011

John & Mike Doe meet for first at Kings College London

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April 2011

John Doe launches first website

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The Middle
Sept 2011

The company was born

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Dec 2011

Company lands first major client

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To be continued........


4 Timeline variations (combine with .timeline) classes available:

  1. Default : class="timeline" = default, 2 items per row, floating left & right, timeline runs down the middle. Is stacked on mobile.
  2. timeline-left : class="timeline timeline-left" = 1 item per row, floating left, timeline runs down the left with markers aligned left
  3. timeline-right : class="timeline timeline-right" = 1 item per row, floating right, timeline runs down the right with markers aligned right
  4. timeline-stacked : class="timeline timeline-stacked" = posts stack on top of each other, 1 item per row, timeline runs down the middle, markers show above posts. Is default mobile layout.

Timeline item (combine with .timeline-item) classes available:

  1. overlap-off = drops the item overlap
  2. overlap-pull-large = class to pull item up 120px
  3. overlap-pull-small = class to pull item up 30px
  4. overlap-push-large = class to push item down 120px
  5. overlap-push-medium = class to push item down 60px
  6. overlap-push-small = class to push item down 30px
  7. right = pulls item to right
  8. highlight = highlights the marker with primary colour
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