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VPN & Network Solutions & Features network Secure Private (VPN) Networks, Managed Router & Switch (LAN), Managed Cloud Wi-fi, Cloud CCTV

Private-Network VPN

Private-Network VPN

Connect your Offices to our Secure Private MPLS, VPN Network. Using Fibre, Ethernet, DSL, NBN, Microwave or Satellite, this Fully Managed solution is deployed with a compresensive SLA including throughput, latency and multi-level QOS.

LAN Management

LAN Management

Lower your costs and increase performance with a Professionally Managed (LAN) Router & Switch infrastructure. With fixed cost, per device pricing, CorpCloud will ensure your network meets the greater demands for performance & availability.

Cloud Wi-Fi

Cloud Wi-Fi

Deploy a Managed Wi-Fi Network Solution across all offices. Have the same security policy across the Enterprise, with multiple SSID's, guest networks and access controls via policy routing or integration with your Corporate Active Directory

Private-Network VPN Solutions Solution Highlights

Feature 1


Secure Private MPLS VPN Network Solution

CorpCloud delivers it's leading edge Private MPLS VPN Network throughout Australia. We provide carrier class, fully managed, private VPN network solutions to organisations with branch offices requiring a connection back to their Corporate Head Office.

CorpCloud provides it’s Private MPLS VPN Solution Australia wide and can connect offices in virtually all parts of Australia including remote office workers. Connectivity technologies include Fibre, Ethernet, Microwave, satellite NBN & DSL.

CorpCloud's provides a high quality service with minimal latency between offices. CorpCloud's service is delivered as a fixed cost guaranteed bandwidth solution. This allows organisations to budget exact expenditure for their Wide Area Network costs.

This service will give you the following

  • Fixed Cost Monthly Services For All Locations
  • Full Service Level agreement covering all services
  • Wire-speed latency Australia wide
  • Option Of A Point To Point Or Fully Meshed Network
  • Layer 2 End To End Network Security
  • CorpCloud Supplied & Managed WAN Router Hardware
  • Customers Select Their Own IP Address Scheme For The Network
  • Single Aggregated Internet Access For The Organisation
Feature 2

Solution Offering

WAN Technologies & Access Speeds

CorpCloud provides its Managed MPLS VPN Network Solutions over a range of technologies and speeds. The table below show the technology and service speed options available.

Network Security

CorpCloud's solution encompasses multiple layers of security both in the physical layer and the network transport layer.

In the physical layer all network infrastructures are located in secure tier one co-location facilities throughout Australia. Layer two services are also terminated on dedicated customer routers.

In the network transport layer circuits are provided via discrete layer 2 circuits to each site using L2TP protocol. All individual customer services are terminated end to end on dedicated managed routers, your traffic will therefore only ever terminate on your own dedicated CorpCloud managed routers.


CorpCloud does not allow any contention on our network. Traffic on our network is at wire speed. Customers can expect a latency of sub 50ms within the same state, 60ms between states on the east coast and 120ms east coast to west coast. This is with 100 byte ICMP packets for circuits with no contention on the subscribed customer bandwidth. The table below show the typical intercapital core Latency.

Network Performance

CorpCloud's private IP VPN solution has been designed to deliver the superior performance delivered by traditional Frame Relay services.

Service Availability

CorpCloud's carrier class core network has been designed with an availability of 99.995% availability. The availability of the last mile tail services depends on the access method selected. All fibre and SDSL service have an availability of 99.95% while the DSL and ISDN services have an availability of 99.9%. These services are all backed be an industry leading service level agreement.

Packet Loss

Customers can expect packet loss of less than 0.5% for ICMP packets and 0% for TCP packets for circuits with no contention on the subscribed customer bandwidth.


CorpCloud provisions all services on a 1:1 ratio to guarantee 100% of the contracted bandwidth. The sustained throughput achieved with this solution therefore is equal subscribed customer bandwidth dimension less the protocol overhead.

Network Reliability

CorpCloud have built a reliable, network infrastructure through out Australia using the latest Cisco hardware and software. The network has been designed with equipment and carrier redundancy in each state. The benefits of choosing CorpCloud's Layer two network VPN service is that your traffic simple transits CorpCloud's network and therefore is not effected by layer three routing issues that can occur in traditional Layer 3 VPN solutions.

CorpCloud only uses standard equipment for both the head office managed routers and branch office CPE routers. CorpCloud carries multiple router spares in each state with up to date configurations stored centrally. These routers are all hot swappable should a fault occur.

Feature 3

Features & Benefits

Fixed Price Network Solutions

All Corporate Private MPLS VPN Solution is billed at a flat rate fixed monthly charge. All data transmitted over the network is included. This allows our customers to budget and forecast the cost of their inter-branch private network.

Network Capital Cost Saving

CorpCloud provides and manages all router infrastructure connecting your WAN locations. All services are delivered with a 10/100 Ethernet port to connect to your office LAN switch.

Operational Cost Savings

By managing your infrastructure and routing across your network, CorpCloud eliminates the capital, administration, management and maintenance costs in running a self managed private network. CorpCloud includes these services as part its flat rate per connection.

Customers can also choose their own IP address schemes throughout the network. CorpCloud transparently pass this through our network to create an effective LAN environment throughout your network.

High-Speed / Performance / Scalability

CorpCloud has direct control over end-to-end network latency, throughput and the availability of its core network CorpCloud seamlessly provides its network connectivity across a number of different high-speed, high availability technology solutions. This includes Fibre, Ethernet, Microwave, Satellite, NBN & ADSL. Network speed and throughput is equal to the tail circuit speed to each location which are provisioned on a 1:1 basis.

Latency between services are provided at line speeds end to end across Australia. As services are provided on a 1:1 ratio there is never a question over contention and availability of your contracted speeds.

Once installed services can be easily and cost effectively up-graded to meet the growing demands to your business.

Network Reliability

CorpCloud's Corporate Private MPLS VPN Network has been developed and deployed using leading edge and redundant Cisco hardware and software, as well a Tier 1 carrier connections for all for all backhaul and interconnection circuits.

CorpCloud provides a full service level agreement for all Corporate private IP VPN services. The Service Level Agreement is measured on availability, latency as well as response and restoration times should a fault occur.

Network Security

With CorpCloud's Corporate Private MPLS VPN Solution, all data transmitted remains isolated on the Private IP network so company information is not exposed to the public Internet. This is facilitated by both physical and logical separation. Your entire corporate network will have no access directly to the public internet. Web and e-mail access is delivered through a totally separate dedicated connection connected directly to the corporate or CorpCloud Managed firewall.

LAN Management Solutions Solution Highlights

Feature 1


Reduce Costs / Increase Availability With Our Professionally Managed LAN Infrastructure Solution

Local Area Networks (LAN's) are made up of the Routers and Switches that connect all of your Servers, Computers and Printers etc.

LAN's are key to the smooth operation and stability all Corporate IT environments. Business critical applications like Cloud Computing, IP Telephony IP and Unified Communications have placed new and greater demands on the performance and availability.

This has increased the administrative effort and cost, especially in organisations with many Switches & Routers across multiple offices and todays complex Vlan or QOS requirements.

CorpCloud's Managed LAN Solution allows your highly skilled IT resources to concentrate on your business outcomes rather than hardware.

Our Managed LAN Solution encompasses the design, installation and ongoing management of Routers, Switches, ports and software in line with our customers network requirements.

CorpCloud also proactively monitors and maintains your Switch & Router hardware. This includes:

  • Switch & Router Monitoring CPU & Memory
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Reporting On Performance & Service Levels
  • Software & Firmware Updates
  • Complex Configurations Changes
  • Fault Management / Hardware replacement
Feature 2

Solution Offering

CorpCloud provides a range of Managed LAN options. From our Basic package which includes our monitoring platform, reporting and self help console to our Enterprise all inclusive full protection solution.

Detailed below are our packages and inclusions

LAN Basic $5 Excl GST Per Device Per Month

Our LAN Basic package is a self help monitoring product. This solution is designed for organisations who use the CorpCloud monitoring and reporting platform, but do their own fault resolution and support. This solution includes the following:

  • Device Monitoring by CloudSys
  • Email faults & threshold breach notifications send directly to the customer
  • Device statistics in CloudSys
  • Performance reporting

LAN Advanced $20 Excl GST Per Device Per Month

Our LAN Advanced package is a fully managed LAN infrastructure product This solution includes CorpCloud engineers actively monitoring your devices, making requested device configuration changes and resolving faults. This solution includes:

  • Everything in LAN Basic +
  • CorpCloud Business Hours Active Monitoring
  • CorpCloud Device Configuration Changes
  • CorpCloud Fault Resolution

LAN Enterprise From $50 Excl GST Per Device Per Month

Our LAN Enterprise package is a 24X7 critical device managed LAN Management product This premium service includes CorpCloud engineers actively monitoring your devices 24 X 7, making requested device configuration changes 24 X 7 and resolving faults 24 X 7. It also includes hardware replacement in case of equipment failure and software upgrades on Routers & Switches. Prices are dependant on the hardware covered but starts from $50 Excl GST Per Device Per Month This solution includes the following:

  • Everything in LAN Basic +
  • Everything in LAN Advanced +
  • CorpCloud 24 X 7 Active Monitoring
  • CorpCloud 24 X 7 Device Configuration Changes
  • CorpCloud 24 X 7 Fault Resolution
  • CorpCloud 24 X 7 Hardware replacement
  • CorpCloud Software updates on equipment

LAN Custom

Our LAN Management solution is a modular product. Should the packages above no meet your requirements you can designed your own management package selecting components from the solutions above. Please contact us to create a custom pricing solution to meet your exact requirements.

Feature 3

Features & Benefits

Solution Features

  • Centralised, proactive LAN management platform.
  • All Routing and Switching is delivered on Cisco infrastructure.
  • One-stop holistic solution from design, procurement, provisioning, configuration, service & management.
  • Monitoring and support from a team of highly skilled engineers.
  • Resolution time and actions defined in industry leading SLA's
  • Customer web console for basic administration tasks, helpdesk ticket management, inventories, monitoring & more.
  • Hot spares stocked for rapid deployment in cases of equipment failure.

Business Benefits

  • Allowing CorpCloud to deliver your LAN Management frees up your skilled internal resources.
  • You will benefit from the expertise of an external skilled partner.
  • Our web-based customer console, automated monitoring & notifications will provide fast response times to issue resolution.
  • Critical infrastructure can be monitored 24/7.
  • We provide the experience to optimise your business applications with tailored Vlan and QoS Configurations.

Costs Benefits

  • Save of up to 20% in comparison to operating in-house monitoring and management.
  • We deliver standardisation and automation to give you the most cost effective solution.
  • End-to-end LAN services and management delivered to all offices at one low per-device price.
  • Free your internal resources, no need to develop in-house experience or training even after technology refreshes.

Operations Benefits

  • Proactive diagnostics and issue resolution with our around-the-clock monitoring.
  • Guaranteed service levels on all infrastructure.
  • Customers can make changes such as (de)activating ports via the self-service portal.
  • Remote or onsite system maintenance is provided by specially trained engineers.
Feature 4

Cloud Wi-Fi Solutions Solution Highlights

Feature 1


Managed Cloud Wi-fi

  • Is your Wi-Fi Network Secure?
  • Do you have a number of disparate Wi-Fi networks across your offices?
  • Do you know is connecting or how many Wi-Fi access points you have?
  • Can you walk around your office a seamlessly roam between access points?
  • Can you securely allow guests connect to your network?.

CorpCloud's managed Cloud Wi-Fi Solution allows you to provide a unified secure Wi-Fi network across all offices with a single SSID and Authentication.

Our solution will give you full control over your Wi-Fi network from who can connect and how, QOS or different networks for voice, diagnostics on users connected and full reporting on the entire solution.

Feature 2

Solution Offering

Cloud Wi-Fi Pricing Components

CorpCloud's Managed Wi-Fi Solution is made up of the following two pricing components

Once Only Set up

  • Pricing based on Access Point Model).

Monthly Access Cost Per Access Point

  • Controller & Management Cost $10.

CorpCloud Managed Wi-Fi Solution Delivers

  • Unified Wi-Fi Network Across All offices
  • Simple Low Cost Secure Managed Solution
  • Single Security Policy & Authentication Across All Users
  • Guest Network for Visitors or Staff Devices That Do Not Connect To The Corporate Network
  • Ultra Fast "ac" Access Points
  • Fast Hassle Free Deployment
  • Tools, Reports & Management
Feature 3

Features & Benefits

Fixed Price Managed Wi-Fi Solution

Pricing is charged at a simple flat rate cost per access point per month

Latest Dual-Band 2Ghz & 5Ghz Access Points With Adaptive Antenna Technology

The latest high-performance dual-band 2Ghz & 5Ghz 802.11ac access points (meshed or wired) delivering consistently high-performance at range to new 802.11ac and legacy 802.11a/b/g/n clients & devices

Simple Deployment "Plug 'N' Play"

Access points can be simply "plugged in" and will automatically load their configuration and security credentials. Access Points can be deployed in minutes.

Multiple SSID

Customers can choose a single SSID (network Name) for all offices or have multiple SSID for difference device types. Guest networks can be totally separated on a unique SSID

Robust Security

Access Point and Controller features include:

  • Rogue AP detection
  • Client blacklisting
  • DoS attack prevention
  • Password guessing protection
  • Client isolation protects against peer-to-peer snooping
  • L2-4 ACL support
  • BSSIDs with unique QoS and security policies
  • WPA-PSK (AES), 802.1X support
  • Zero-IT and Dynamic PSK
  • RADIUS and Active Directory support

Guest Access

Separate guest networks can be enabled with traffic routed on a separate Vlan directly to the firewall and internet. Guest traffic separated from Corporate network. Guest Networks can have a simple password or a directed guest portal.

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring and reporting delivered via CloudSys. Quickly view the health of the network, APs, connected devices, and alerts. View details of the AP status and client data. Create scheduled or on-demand network and security reports

Feature 4